The Archischools podcast project is a series of conversations about our built environment from the perspective of its young citizens. 

Each episode is led by a young person. They choose a topic or question and talk to someone who knows something about it.  

Episode 01: Open Architecture

In this podcast Jaaziel Kajoba, a second year student in Architecture at ESALA in Edinburgh, is interviewing Julie Oti from Ash Sakula Architects in London. Jaaziel is interested in how Ash Sakula Architects design housing and, in this interview, he asks what it means for architecture to be ‘open’.

Episode 02: Ideal Streets

In this episode, 11 year old Minny interviews Tierney Lovell, Urban Designer and Inclusive Design Manager at Sustrans in Edinburgh. Minny is autistic and has a keen interest in the environment. In this conversation the pair really delve into sustainability and accessibility in urban design and discuss what would make the ideal street.

Episode 03: Archischools Reviews the Fringe: Here to Play

This episode of the Archischools Podcast is part of our special series for the Architecture Fringe 2021. In this episode, Phoebe an S6 school student from Edinburgh who is going on to study Architecture in September, spoke to Michael and James from Crumble magazine about their project for the festival, ‘Here to Play’. The interview took place on Middle Meadow Walk in the city centre where Crumble had sited their nomadic installation for the afternoon.

Episode 04: Archischools Reviews the Fringe: Imagine If

In the second of our special Architecture Fringe 2021 episodes, Felix and Alula, S4 school students from Edinburgh, talk to Clare and Ellie from Imagine If. They talk about Clare and Ellie’s architectural journeys so far, and Imagine If’s ‘Re-Imagine’ project for this year’s Architecture Fringe.