The 2018 ArchiSchools collective produced explorative and developing ‘Archischools Manifesto’ which was launched at the 2018 Architecture Fringe ‘Archichools Summit.’ The evening was open to the public to attend, and relevant organisations were in attendance, including representation from Architecture Design Scotland, Historic Environment Scotland, Edinburgh City Council, Play Scotland as well as many teachers, architects and educators. 

Three invited speakers shared their independent perspectives and experience, in relation to their own areas of expertise and interests. There speakers for the evening were:  

Building as Pedagogy

Fiona MacDonald of Matt and Fiona Build

A Heritage Perspective

Brian Wilkinson, Historic Environment Scotland, Technical Outreach and Education

Missing in Architecture

Isobel Deakin, Miranda Webster and Katherine Li,  Missing in Architecture

An open discussion and questions where posed to the panel of presenters along with Calum Duncan of ArchiSchools, which was based around the presentations and many of the themes within the manifesto. The diversity of speakers and interests gave a strong sense that the Archischools theoretical manifesto for change was strongly connected to many of the ambitions and aims of the participants, but which is lacking within current standard educational structures and curriculum.  

Event Co-ordinators:

Calum Duncan, Calum Duncan Architects
Gillian Storrar, Calum Duncan Architects
Laura Haylock, Civic Soup
Lucy Sacker, Helen Lucas Architects
Nicola Mclachlan, Collective Architecture
Ruth Hamilton, Civic Soup
Will Cairns, Helen Lucas Architects