Archischools is a collective of architects, landscape architects, urban designers, educators and creative practitioners based in Scotland. We work to promote the empowerment and engagement of young people in the design and ownership of the built environment.

We are passionate about getting young people and children really involved, active and vocal in the creation of the spaces around us. The spaces we all live, learn, work and play in. Our built environment needs a greater diversity of voices. By including even our youngest citizens, from all backgrounds, in the conversation, we will foster a life-long habit of contribution and engagement in our surroundings. 

We have worked with designers, educators and young people, through events and most recently a podcast series, to raise awareness, spark discussion and test ideas. 

Our Members

We have no formal membership and welcome new interested members to join the Archischools project. We continue to be a developing and fluid organisation, currently taking time from our working and home lives where possible to progress the Manifesto aims. To date, the following people have kindly given their time, support or input in the project: 

Andy Law, Reiach and Hall 
Anne Duff, Retired architect
Bobby Lee, City of Play
Calum Duncan, Calum Duncan Architects
Clarissa Bee, Artist/Teacher
Eileen Hall,  Multi disciplinary artist 
Gillian Storrar, Calum Duncan Architects
Jake Bee, Artist/Teacher
Jamie Moore, Helen Lucas Architects
Laura Haylock, Civic Soup
Lucy Sacker, Helen Lucas Architects
Will Cairns, Helen Lucas Architects
Lorna MacDonald, Arts & Creative Learning Team, City of Edinburgh Council
Lee Craigie, Active Nation Commissioner
Mathew Hawkins, Choreographer
Marion Preez, Urban Pioneers
Nicola MacLachlan, Collective Architecture
Nicky Imrie, Built-environment researcher & community-engagement practitioner
Ruth Hamilton, Civic Soup
Susan Buckman, Lecturer in Education, University of Dundee


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Drop us an email at archischools@gmail.com if you are interested in getting involved or participating in our podcast series.